om swastik belpatra

In Brahma Nadi (enclosed by vertebral column) this Chakra is located just opposite the mid spot between the two eyebrows.

This white lotus has only two petals. This sixth chakra is Ajna chakra, also called the Third Eye or Shiva's Eye and it represents the superior mental consciousness that favors the direct perception over the invisible worlds, and the direct perception of the subtle aspects of manifestation.

its activation brings wondrous powers like great mental insight, self-control, superior intuition, extraterritorial perception (ESP) clairvoyance, telepathy, power of giving curses or blessings, instant fulfillment of anything one wishes, and gain of knowledge related to all subjects and sciences, power to control thoughts of others and interfere even in nature.

In its harmonious aspect, Ajna chakra gives On a physical level, it coordinates the activity of the pituitary gland and of the small brain.

The hypophysis has a vital role in organism, in the sense that together with the hypothalamus they act as the command system of all other endocrine glands. The person who concentrates intensely on this chakra gradually destroys all negative effects of his past actions, from this life and from the previous lives.

He obtains the eight great paranormal capacities and the thirty-two minor ones.

AUM Meditation Method

AUM (OM) meditation technique is the first meditation video of our Instructional Meditation Video Series for Daily Meditation Practice. This particular meditation method, serves two important purposes.

First, chanting the AUM sound is a chakra meditation technique, as the seed sound for the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra Point) is the sound AUM, and chanting the seed sound helps open and activate the related chakra point.

Thus, the AUM meditation helps open this important chakra point, and you can read all the details regarding this in the article AUM Mantra Meditation for Opening Third Eye Chakra for Psychic Powers.

Second, the AUM meditation is also considered a yoga pranayama (breathing exercise), as it requires you to develop your lung capacity and respiratory system.

Please note that for more details you can refer to the Opening Third Eye Chakra article referenced above, and here is a brief overview of what the meditaion contains Overview of the Third Eye Chakra Point (Ajna chakra).

Benefits of opening Ajna Chakra. Right posture for practicing AUM meditation. Instructions for the 2 mudras (Gyna Mudra and Shambhavi Mudra required for AUM Meditation).