om swastik belpatra

Remember, one should never attempt such activation himself since such practices if performed without being guided by a Guru create various problems. Once it so happened sometimes that a disciple who gained some preliminary knowledge of this activation from me and then on returning back to his home, he started trying to activate his Kundalini Shakti. But his Kundalini deviated from the right course as a sequel to which, he started vomiting blood.

In a state of terrible fear, he rushed to Gurudev and with a great difficulty, through Yogic Sadhana, Gurudev stopped the vomiting of the blood. Then he came to know that during his attempt, his Kundalini Shakti left the proper direction which resulted in vomiting of the blood. By this incident it is clear that the Guru keeps on watching the right course of Kundalini Shakti ascending in the body of a disciple and therefore without a Guru, one should never attempt such practices.

Now we are revealing some fundamental practices for activation of Kundalini shakti which every aspirant should put to application-  1. First of all the aspirant should purify his body with the aid of Neti, Dhyoti and Vasti.  2. After that, the aspirant should practice eight kinds of Pranayam (Yogic exercises). He may also practice some other Yogic exercises besides Pranayam.  3. Now the aspirant should learn from his Guru the essential mudras such as Mahamudra, Mahavedha, Mahabandh, Viparitakarani, Taran, Paridhan, Yuktichalan and Shaktichalani.  4. The aspirant, having perfected all Yogic exercises should concentrate his psyche on Chakra according to the method of Raj Yog.  5. Tantric Procedure is different from the above procedure.

Awakening of Kundalini through Tantra Mantra

Time flies by, ages pass away and names of even the so called great men are wiped off from the pages of history. Yet some defy even the Power of Time and continue to shine through eternity. These are the names of the enlightened ones who dedicated their lives to search for the truth, for the Divine. Their sole aim in life was to attain totality and this they could achieve through awakening of the Kundalini.

1. Lord Krishna 2. Nikhileshwarananda. 3. Budha 4. Shankracharya.

The human body is the most excellent boon conferred by the Almighty and the person who comprehends his own body completely, realises the subtle mysteries of the entire universe. All universal faculties are concentrated as the force of life inside a human body which the scriptures term as the vital power (Pran Shakti). The condensed form of the same vital forces is known as Kundalini Shakti which is the rock bottom of all the energies and power of action inherent in a human being. As this divine power remains dormant just like the coil of a snake, it has been designated as Kundalini Shakti or the serpent Power. For the purpose of Self-Realisation, a man through his Sushumna(spine) tries to uplift this Kundalini Shakti in an upward tract and crossing all the Chakras (subtle spinal centres) tries to unite it with Sahastrar.

When the aspirant emerges successful in his endeavour, he gets divine vision and visualising his real form though his divine eye, he feels overwhelmed with ecstasy and thus liberates himself from the corporeal bondages of life and death.

Essentially, a chakra is an energy vortex that resides in a particular location along the spine in the energetic body of man. The first chakra resides at the very base and the last at the crown of the head, with the others in between. Each chakra is responsible for the health of the organs and glands in it's region and also responsible for certain personality traits and characteristics. Opening and balancing the chakra points, means to heal and rejuvenate the organs in the region of that chakra, and to balance the associated personality traits.

Associated with each chakra point is a seed sound, or bij Mantra and chanting this Mantra stimulates and activates the chakra. The bij Mantras can be chanted either out loud or be done mentally, if you have a strong mind. A mala or beaded string can be used to count the number of repetitions of the chant, and this method of opening the chakras is very powerful. Herein also lies the problem. Mantra meditation is too powerful a technique.

The sound, when properly chanted directly begins to open the chakra point, and if the practitioner is not physically ready for dealing with the greater flow of energy that results from opening the chakra, it can lead to complications and imbalances. So it is very important to not overdo chakra Mantra meditation. It should be used judiciously and only in conjunction with other techniques that are designed to prepare the system for greater flow of energy.