om swastik belpatra

Inside the vertebral column, there are seven lotuse located on the Brahma Nadi. These are known as Chakra (spinal centres). Each lotus possesses different number of petals and also a distinct colour.

The Amazing powers devolve on a human on activation of the Kundalini and each Chakra is related to the different attainments.

How can Kundalini be activated - Kundalini Tantra Mantra

The first step is taking Guru Diksha and later praying to the Guru for Kundalini Jagran Diksha ( Diksha for activation of the Kundalini). After this the Guru suggests certain Mantra Sadhanas through which the Kundalini can be fully activated.

The six Sadhanas can be completed within a period of six months. It is not a rule that one can try the Sadhana of the next Chakra only after the first one has been activated. One can complete all the Sadhanas one after the other without waiting for results. Most of the times the Chakras get activated several days after the completion of Sadhana, sometimes even two or three Chakras at one go.