om swastik belpatra

The need for  Self-actualization : Self-actualization is a fancy term, but actually it's quite easy: It means 'becoming what you are capable of becoming.

Self-actualization can be pretty far out for the uninitiated. When you are struggling with such as safety needs it may seem pretty much like a bunch of fluffy hogwash. But when all that stuff is sorted out, when you have friends and family and are happy with life, you still need to reach out to find out how high you can go. A good word here is ontology, which the dictionary describes as 'The metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence'. Or just 'theories of being'. There is a whole branch of philosophy and psychology dedicated to figuring this out. Which is often the goal of people who are working on self-actualization.

Nirvana or Samaadhi

Eastern religions and philosophies know all about self-actualisation. They call it nirvana, enlightenment or other terms. It's about reaching the highest pinnacle of being. Ultimate happiness. One-ness with God. It Sounds like a nice place to be. Even reaching out to it is a worthy goal. If you want to explore this route, go look up things like Kundalini and Meditation.

Om !  May He protect us both together;  may He nourish us both together;  May we work conjointly with great energy,  May our study be vigorous and effective;  May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).  Om !  Let there be Peace in me !  Let there be Peace in my environment !  Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !

What is the Kundalini? Why is it so significant in life?

Kundalini-the ultimate energy inherent in human body- is Para-Shakti. It is the spiritual force behind all mental and physical activities; when it awakens it merges with consciousness and releases it from all subjectivity; at that very instant the whole world takes on the form of consciousness.

In Tantra sadhana of nine yogas, the Kundalini yoga is the most important. This yoga tells how to awaken Kundalini which is lying dormant and is symbolized in the form of a coiled serpent, and the chakras in the form of lotuses with differing number of petals. A serpent-power lies in our crotch, extending to the rectum. To awaken it, one must perform certain yoga, which will gradually arouse it. Practicing Kundalini uncoils the serpent and releases vast energy, which proceeds up our spine like warm tinkling liquid. The skin seems to burn sometimes, we sweat and experience a stinging sensation.

In the process of kindling, Kundalini energy moves upward in zig-zag way through seven planes-represented by lotuses or chakras which are the seven lokas or worlds, bhu, bhuwa, swah, yaha, tapa, Jnana and satya. The human mind generally stays in the first three of these planes, namely muladhara, swadhishthana and manipura; with Mantra -sadhana it attains the fourth plane, the Anahata.

The jivatama here appears like a flame and the sadhaka enters into vishuddha chakra, comes in direct touch and contact with the godly glories. The jivatama sheds its colours and existence and dissolves in the Paramatman. In Tantra this stage of Kundalini yoga is called the samadhi. When the Kundalini is awakened, the sadhaka attains the intuitive power to visualize the Absolute.

At the base of the spinal cord every human being has a powerful, yet dormant source of energy. This source is known as the Muladhar Chakra from which three subtle channels known as Naadis rise up through the spine and reach thew brain. The middle Naadi is known as Sushumna while on its either sides are the Ida and Pingla. At five other centres of highly concentrated energy, called Chakras, along the spinal column, these three Naadis come together and then again divide into three channels as they rise further. The siddhi attained through this method can be so powerful that it may destroy the person if not controlled. Kundalini rises and when it reaches its limit, there is complete bliss. And once the sadhaka reaches this goal he becomes a sadhu or sage.

Thus including the Muladhar there are various Chakras in which very powerful energy lies dormant and once they are activated a human gains amazing divine powers like Telepathy, Hypnotism, Clairvoyance. In fact complete success in life in any and every sphere can come only through the activation of all the Chakras and it is with this aim that true Yogis remain engaged in Sadhanas

But this process can be very intricate and difficult unless one is helped by an enlightened Master (SadGuru)  who has his own Kundalini fully activated, who is aware of all the processes of activation and who can activate the Kundalini of others.