om swastik belpatra

Do you need this Durga Najar suRaksha Kavach protection for your Children ?

If you are worried that someone is out to get you, and you don't know when or where, you must take immediate action! This is a very powerful Tantra raksha kawach that strikes first, preventing them from possibly doing harm to you. So if there's someone out there who you fear is planting negative thoughts about you or is thinking of harming you in any way, the Preemptive Strike Durga Tantra raksha kawch could thwart their actions before they know what hit them.

How many times have You said to yourself: "I wish I had taken action earlier. If I had only known." You can avoid this regret by taking action now. Here are some scenarios that can give you a clue as to whether or not the Preemptive Strike Durga Tantra raksha kawach is for you:

Do I feel threatened in any way or unnerved that a specific person is laying plans for my demise?
Do I simply "feel" it in my gut that "I-know-who" has it in for I, and that sooner or later they're going to act?
Do I need assistance in "evening the score" because I don't know exactly what action to take?
Do I want to feel good about myself because I have taken an active, not a reactive role against my enemy?

If most or all of the above applies to You, the Preemptive Strike Durga Tantra raksha kavach could do wonders for your physical and emotional health.

Feel Secure in Love, in Your Future, in Your Home. There is nothing like the feeling when you arise each morning that everything is going to be OK. Whether it's in your job or your closest relationships or when you’re just sitting in the living room – a feeling of comfort, of security is paramount to your mental and physical health.

This is your opportunity to have a Tantra raksha kawach and call upon powerful Goddess Durga as Mother to bring you security in all aspects of your life.

Is this what you want (for your Child)? - Make my life financially secure.

- Protect me from those who seek me harm – physically or emotionally.
- Allow me to live comfortably without worries.
- Cast out tension and anxiety.
- Bring me peace of mind.
- Increase and secure all my holdings.
- Ensure that my loved ones will care for me.

Who doesn't want to feel secure and relaxed? This Durga Tantra raksha kawach intends to cast a shield around your child protecting from bad spirits, bad people and negative energy.