om swastik belpatra

I'm not a preacher, neither I'm a pravachananand nor a katha vachak (narrator of mythological tales). I don't just teach Bhagvat or Geeta. I wear them. Yes, I'm a tantric Guru. I do Tantra. I do Yajnas, hypnosis and rituals needed for success, happiness and liberation.

I have the celebrities, oligarchs, computer specialists, activists, counselors, negotiators, performers, physicians, politicians, public speakers, sportsmen-women and teachers as disciples from USA, Mauritius, U.K., Indonesia, India. I teach them public speaking, fearlessness, Tantra, yoga and meditation and success. I'm a spiritual consultant. I do practical things with practical Tantra.

I help in Yoga and meditation, Yajnas (holy fire rituals), anusthan and give my hard earned tap[spiritual power, penance: acts of hardship committed on oneself (fasting, lying on rocks heated by the Sun, etc.), especially as part of an ascetic way of life (as monk or 'wise man') in order to attain a higher form of mental spiritual awareness (through detachment from the earthly, not punishing guilt) or favors from (the) god(s).] and knowledge for the upliftment of Normal human at a very nominal exchange. I change the loser into winner. Guaranteed.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if, for some reason, you couldn't support yourself? My work assures that that could never happen. And what I do costs my Desciples nearly nothing.

What Problem Do I Solve? Do you have a heartache because of failures in life?

I cure the heartache caused by continuous failure. I turn those losers into winners. It's not my responsibility; it’s my job!

I'm a modern Hitech tantric. I provide consultations about Business or to remove (overcome) rivals, to help in love, marriage, eliminate (win) competitors, to bring wealth, tranquility and happiness back into your home, to restore your health or cure serious illness through Mantra, get rid of bad planetary effects.

I settle business questions (guaranteed increase in profit, the signing of an advantageous contract, promotion, and success in business) and solution through Tantra. I help the people to protect them from black Tantra, black deeds of others.

People come to me when they want to be sure of the outcome, when they want a rapid effect and professional work, when no-one else can do anything.

I have high prices because I appreciate my work. I don't do anything which is a sin in my view and in God's eye. I consider every work and every thought as it is a gift from God.

There are no side effects of using Tantra if you are under a direct or indirect supervision of a Guru. I help the humanity to live a better life and purify the nature through Daily Holy Yagnas in morning and through my good thoughts and spiritual rituals and deeds.

Intelligent, high profile, high gentry persons who have money or services to spend, who have problems to get rid off, who have quest for knowledge and upliftment, Who have query for meditation, God and self-realisation are my clients, my disciples, my friends. I care, nourish and protect for them in every aspect. They are more valuable to me then anything else in this world.

I don't want to waste my time and energy with the Idiots with foolishness and rubbish knowledge gathered from here and there. I have a very short temper. You should come to me with empty mind.

The moment one thinks of Tantra practices relating to Tantra or of a tantrik there appears before the mind's eye a vision of a man with a rugged, coarse, hoary looking, bearded, wrinkled face, clad in black, with eyes deeply set into their sockets, locks of rough, uncouth, muddy, long hair and a bunch of peacock feathers in his hand, wearing upon his breast numerous ornaments of multi-coloured, multi-shaped beads, stones and amulets, seated against a smoky hearth in a dark murky, odorous cell in a remote corner of a tribal, backward hamlet, engaged in practices which are considered to relate to the underworld of black arts.

I might break your Bias

This, however, is only a misconception of Tantra which despite its gradual perversions, till quite late continued to inspire spiritual pursuits and fascinated artists for aesthetically representing its various aspects and stages.

I wear simple kurta-payjama(an Indian loose putfit) in office, Dhoti kurta (ancient Indian outfit) while meditation and spiritual works, jeans and t-shirt while outings and sports outfits while yoga, jogging and exercise. I do not smoke or drink wine. I don't need them. I mostly wear sports shoes except when it is too hot or too cold. I always wear a silver or golden Tripur Raksha Kankan in my right hand. I usually wear branded black glasses too( to protect my eyes from dirt and dust of Sirsa town).

In my free time(I get some rarely ) i like to learn something new.

My favourite bhajan

"Charan kamal ab nahin chorun, choo lene do in charano ko, ho jaun nirmal" - I will not let go your holy feet, O my beloved Guru. let me touch them, I might purify myself.


You can say that I can see auras, I can see other worlds, I know all the answers to all the questions. I can give you the answer what to do, how to bring back your love, obtain money, get out of a disadvantageous position, which is causing different situations in your life or obtain Spiritual bliss.


Your participation in the work is only needed in exceptional cases. Usually, you don't have to do anything. The terms of fulfillment depend on each specific situation, and are defined individually. I possess the technique of the flawless love spell approved by centuries of use with unchanged structure.

A love spell of this kind was used by members of royal families and the elite! I can bring back harmony in your relationship and make it more exciting. Also, I can make a sex bond, so that your partner will not only have no desire to cheat on you, but will also be physically incapable of doing so.

I can change characters, extirpate bad habits, eliminate curses, the curse un-marriageability, black channels and other causes of loneliness and affliction in personal life. I can perform an old ritual which will lead you to get married - and I can guarantee exact terms. I set programs, so you will attract members of the opposite sex and have magnificent success in your love life! I can bring back the passion to your love! I control the fulfillment of the task to the final aim!


I can solve any business question! Questions of popularity, success, luck! It is possible to connect to financial aggregates!

VIP services

To those who really know the price of their own wishes, I will give my contact number and fulfill exclusive orders, specific transformations or neutralization of rivals and other magicians. It is even possible to meet in person.


I can make an unbreakable multilayer protection, which will keep everything safe, your wealth, health, love and life. You will be sure of yourself and nobody will be able to stop you! (for a good cause).


1. Confidentiality of correspondence

Everything I write to you is for you alone and nobody else. If anyone has questions or problems, let him write me directly.

2. Faith

If you don't believe in what you are doing, I will not help you. Doubt destroys spells! Anxiously waiting for results and suspicion are forbidden, because you will need years of studying to understand the implementation of magic and how it works. Everything will happen in due time, the way it should be in your situation, without violating the laws of harmony. If you want to receive, you have to give. It can happen that if you want to get something back, you will have to lose something, and so forth.

3. Interaction

After my work is done: You shall continue to live as though all of your expectations have already happened! Like you are my best friend! Don't give me questions – what will they do for me? If you need to do something, I'll tell you! The concrete ways of realizing Tantra in the physical world are unpredictable! Have no doubts!

If you have ever contacted any other mages before this, you must tell me in order to avoid the imposition of vibration between each other!(if any)

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Do what your intuition tells you. You know what you need to do to move ahead. You've also seen the wealth of information that you get freely on the website. In this series, there's structured information so that it's easy to use for yourself and easy to use for your life. Do what's right for you and you won't regret it. This is my personal guarantee to you. I will not let you down!Here's what you must do. Take a deep breath. And trust me. I will make sure you get more than your money's worth. That's a promise!

P.S. if you haven't visited me, make plans to get here soon, because you are missing a lot! Yes, yes there are a lot of I's and Me's on this page. When you speak from the heart, you rule. When you speak from the head, you destroy. And these are the humblest words I could ever say about me. Let me know what you think about you and you will feel what is a cool breeze in hot summer and the warmth of mother's Lap in a cold season. I'm simple person without ego but I'm proud of being a Tantric. I have a self-respect for myself and my work. I love to be what I'm. This website is a mirror of my personality.

Tomorrow always becomes today and yesterday is always gone. Therefore, life is a gift. Don't drift or create a rift. Be happy as long as breath is in you. Whatever you are, you are. Be proud of it. Be yourself. Don't imitate, never manipulate.

Human beings are the only creatures that have the ability, through the power of the spoken word, to raise another person's consciousness to the level of Infinity. Communication is not meant to be a win or lose situation. It is meant to share what our spirit is, what Infinite Truth is, what God is, what Brahm is. That is what I'm!!!


Dinesh Bishnoi

From the Land of Six seasons.

P.S. “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” The Joker
(but that doesn’t mean you should keep it to yourself) - Dinesh Bishnoi