om swastik belpatra

Is the black magick removal a customized ritual work or just a customized talisman?

>> It is a Ritual and customized work.

My problem stems from psychic attack from evil African witches and wizards, can the Agoresh black magick removal fix that?

>> Yes it will. Black magic removal is not just done but involves a cleansing and healing of the aura, chakra's, meridian points and the resolution of bad planetary and karmic influences as God wills.

Tell me a little about self like the name of your online site and type of mysticism practiced whether shamanism, Vedic, Hindu,or Buddhism.

>> Click here for details about us.

If I order now, when can i get it?

>> You will get it in 3 weeks.

May I know who prepares it? And can i have a pic of it?

>> Dinesh Bishnoi

There is no reply from you for the past 2 days.

>> Thanks being patience.