om swastik belpatra

How to get Rid of Black Magic and Energize Daily Life through Mahavidya Raksha Kavach?

Here is a Boon from Sri Gurudev.

There comes a moment in everyone's life when desperate times call for desperate measures. Answer These Questions :

  1. Do I feel nervous, ill-at-ease and unsure of myself because a current situation is causing me duress?
  2. Is someone I care for "in their own world, " ignoring me, ridiculing me, leaving me out in the cold?
  3. Felling of Unbearable pain in body but nothing is shown in Medical tests?
  4. Am I worried because I'm at a crossroads where I don't know where to turn or whom to ask?
  5.  Do I need to call upon someone with telepathic skills to implant an important message in those special person?

If any of the above applies to you, it is never too late to right your ship. In fact, if you are still reading these words, there is a reason. You are meant to be reading this at this time, at this place.

Note: This Talisman Blessed by Guru Praneet and Das Mahavidya is for women (Kala Jadu Tantra Raksha Kavach) Black Magic Removal to remove spells by Indian Tantra Mantra Safety procedures.

What is Ten Great Learning' Shield blessed by Guru i.e. Guru Praneet (blessed) Mahavidya Raksha Kavach - for Protection, removal and Cure of Black Magic Spell appropriate for Women?

Point of No Return

So if You're in a relationship that is floundering and You're stricken with fear that You are approaching the point of no return... Or perhaps You're over my head in debt and have no one to turn to… Then requesting a Guru Kavach could work wonders for You.

Let us, first, try to understand the answer of the following questions:

What you will Get if you choose to be a successful tantric?

What you need to do after Receiving Guru diksha and tantric material?

What you need to send?

    1. Expenses in the form of Donation. Click here for payment details.
    2. Details
    3. Name of the Recipient.
    4. Name of Father or Mother
    5. Photograph (Optional)
    1. Address of the Recipient for Receiving the Articles
    1. Email us or SMS us After payment transfer.


Rs 11,000/- INR (No postages in India)

Postage to be added when you are Outside India : USD 64 (DHL , FedEx or UPS worldwide)


11 day


14 days (in India)

16 days (other countries.)

What you will Get in  Energised (PranPratisthith) Guru diksha Packet?

      1. 100% Result oriented Tantric Procedure
      2. Black magic Removal Yagna
      3. A simple and easy optional Daily Procedure.
      4. Consultation
      5. Feedback

What will you need to do after getting the items:

20 minutes Specific exercise and tantric procedure , One secrete procedure is written in Devnagari , while staying at home or Guru's hermitage for at least 21 days while doing Guru's services.

Mandatory prerequisite

Sound mental and physical health.

 Guru Praneet Dus Mahavidya Ajivan Tantra Raksha Kavach Blessed