om swastik belpatra

According to some legends all kinds of bhoga conglomerated in the person of Gorakhnath, a tantric of the eleventh century, who worked with both good and evil to gain magical powers. Also called Ghor Nath (from ghor, filth) or the 'Lord of Filth', because, as say legends, God created Gorakhnath from the sweat of his breast, Gorakhnath is often credited as being the founder of Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga, and has many Tantrics are wild people with ingenuous tastes, possessing an intense love of freedom of the will.

(They can be hailed as the predecessors of the hippie movement in America in the sixties, for they have much in common, but He was not a Hippie. The Hippies only got the social movement but forgot to inherit the spiritual aspect in their life). It is particularly interesting to note that, in the 17th century British-India, when tantrism was extant, the English were horrified to discover such a barbaric practice and tabooed it as a kind of obscene voodoo.