om swastik belpatra

For chanting of the Guru Mantra one must have a Guru Rahasya mala. This mala is energised with Guru Mantra or the power of the Guru. Through it the entire body, mind and the soul can be purified and made divine.

Without chanting the Guru Mantra the disciple can never become one with the divine form of the Guru. And the only real aim of the life of a disciple is fusing totally in the form of the Guru.

Bless me with Success/Make Me Deliriously Happy

Isn't this what everyone wants, to be successful and happy? Success is yours for the taking. In this aim the Guru Rahasya mala can prove very helpful. The beads that are used to make this mala are energised with the Guru Mantra chanted at least five lakh times.

This is why this mala is very powerful and effective, and life long it continues to fulfil the wishes and desires of the Sadhak. The energy fused in this mala is that of the Supreme Guru Tatva (element). It can be used in every Sadhana related to the Guru.

End Anxiety/Lead a worry-free life

Who wants to go through life with a crinkled forehead and an upset stomach worrying about all things big and small? Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up refreshed each morning and proceed through the day with a smile on your face and a freedom in your soul that allows you to enjoy each minute?

The special feature of this mala is that it can be a source of divinity, joy and enlightenment even if it is just placed at home. But the rosary must be Mantra energised and consecrated, hence one must obtain only such a mala. An ordinary mala shall only prove ineffective and chanting a Mantra with such a mala fails to produce the desired result.

When the mala itself is ordinary how can it bestow divinity? There is in fact a particular method of consecrating every Sadhana article.

Erase the past/Start Anew

OK, we've all made mistakes. We all wish we hadn't done things and we are sorry about it. But it's time to move on. It's time to take that giant step and toss off the shackles of our past mistakes and start anew. This Rosary clears your mind and takes the burden off your shoulders.

Now you can enjoy the rest of your life in peace and tranquility. Guru Rahasya mala is very effective in manifesting the divine powers of the Guru. Whenever some problem comes in one's life and a Sadhak wears the mala around his neck, the negative forces are automatically neutralised.

This is an often experienced fact and the reason is that when one chants Mantra with this mala it becomes charged with powerful energy which can help one in difficult times.

Guru Rahasya mala is really a wonderful Sadhana article. Among all the energies of the universe the Guru energy is most powerful and effective. Hence there can be no doubt that a mala energised with Guru power has to be really divine.

This mala is a precious treasure which should be carefully guarded. And hence for these very reasons it should find a permanent place in one's worship place. One should not present or lend this mala to anyone else for it is imbibed with the power of your Sadhanas and Mantra chanting. We hope you have realised the great significance of this mala and shall surely give it place in your home.