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Tantra Mantra Yantra schools

There are three distinct tantrik traditions - Dakshina, Vama and Madhyama. They represent the three "shaktis" or powers of Shiva and are characterised by the three "gunas" or qualities - "sattva", "rajas" and "tamas". The Dakshina tradition, characterised by the "sattva" branch of tantra is essentially for good purpose. The Madhyama, characterised by "rajas" is of mixed nature, while the Vama, characterised by "tamas" is the most impure form of tantra.These are also three main schools/traditions of Tantra: Mishra Tantra, Kaula Tantra and Samaja Tantra.

Samaja Tantra

Samaja Tantra is also called "the right-hand path". Adepts of Samaja Tantra practice meditation on the Sahasrara chakra. They also learn about chakras nadis and pranas.

Mishra Tantra

Adepts of Mishra Tantra practice meditation and physical practices the aim of which is to open the Anahata chakra.

Kaula Tantra

Kaula Tantra is also called the "left-hand path". Adepts of Kaula Tantra meditate upon the Kundalini force. They make use of outer (usually physical) practices to open the Muladhara chakra.