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Sexual rituals have nothing to do with the actual Tantra.

In the West, Tantra is often called the "Yoga of Sex." While there is a kernel of truth in this phrase, the popular press has created a misleading impression that Tantra is about having better orgasms or about becoming a better lover. Since Tantric practices are designed to expand consciousness, they can expand a person's capacity to give, receive and experience pleasure, not only in the sexual realm but in all areas of life, provided that person is willing to do the work. It is important to be aware that Tantra is not an easy path; it is "the way of the hero who neither rejects nor fears any aspect of life."

Many Western Tantra teachers emphasize very powerful techniques for enhancing sexual pleasure and intimacy, while some traditional(Indian) teachers discourage students from exploring sexual Tantra at all. Gurudev has spent years studying traditional, lineage-based Tantra in India.

Sexual rites may have emerged from early Hindu Tantra as a practical means of generating transformative bodily fluids. Although popularly equated with Tantra in its entirety in the West, a minority of sects practised sexual rites. For many practicing lineages, these Maithuna practices progressed into psychological symbolism.

In Tantra one may go beyond the sexual plane of existence only by its complete acceptance; utilising it and spiritualising ones innate sexual tendencies towards greater awareness. The Tantra recognize several approaches as methods for conditioning aspirants prior to sexual meditation. The Guru takes into account individual proclivities and spiritual achievement. The Guru usually considers the path appropriate only for certain individuals whose temperament and self control will enable them to forego sexual indulgence - a necessity, if the act is to serve as a tool to transcend identification with the mortal body. As with other Tantric practices the presence of a Guru is a paramount and essential condition.

When enacted as enjoined by the Tantra the ritual culminates in a sublime experience of infinite awareness, by both participants. The tantric texts specify that sex has three distinct and separate purposes - procreation, pleasure and liberation. Those seeking liberation eschew frictional orgasm for a higher form of ecstasy, as the couple participating in the ritual, lock in an ecstatic embrace. Several sexual rituals are recommended and practised. These involve elaborate and meticulous preparatory and purificatory rites. The act yields a balance of energies coursing within the pranic ida and pingala channels in the subtle bodies of both participants. The sushumna nadi is awakened and Kundalini rises upwards within it. This eventually culminates in samadhi wherein the respective individualities of each of the participants are completely dissolved in the unity of cosmic consciousness. Tantrics understand the act on multiple levels. The male and female participants are conjoined physically and represent Shiva and Shakti, the male and female principles. Beyond the physical, a subtle fusion of Shiva and Shakti energies takes place resulting in a united energy field. On an individual level, each participant experiences a fusion of their own Shiva and Shakti energies.

What is Vamachara? or Sex for Nirvana!

Vamachara also have a system of yoni-worship, or female-centered sex-worship, which allegedly begun thousands of years ago in India by secret sect called Vratyas, the processors of the Devadasis or sacred harlots. The religion was associated with later written scriptures known as Tantra Texts, therefore, it became known as Tantrism. Its primary objective was the adoration of the lingam-yoni, sign of the male and female principles in conjunction (the god Shiva and the goddess Kali). Tantrism upholds the view that the best way of being godlike is to have intense sex with a woman. Having sex to the point of utter exhaustion can attain nirvana. While meditating, it is usually the woman's sexual organs that arrest their concentration, especially when it is combined with the mental picture of penetration and Vice versa.

The Tantra also include some disturbing Sadhna for a noraml civilized person. Eating non-eatable, drinking wine, smoking Sulfa and Bhang, sex with selected partners, doing some of the acts which are considered against Civilised culture. One of he basic tenet of Tantrism was that the woman possesses more spiritual energy than the man; therefore, the man could achieve realization of the divinity through sexual and emotional union with a woman. A fundamental rite was controlled sexual intercourse, maithuna. In theory the man must store up his sexual fluid rather than expelling it by ejaculation. Through Tantric training, he learned to absorb through his "organ" the fluid engendered by his partner’s orgasm and to prolong sexual intercourse for many hours. In this way he became similar to Shiva, the God in perpetual union with the Goddess. Theoretically, the concept was that the conserved vital fluids would be stored in the man’s body, working their way(spinal column) up through the chakras to his head, and there flower the inspiration of divine wisdom. The Tantras explains the purposes of the various rites and the philosophy underlying them.

The most sacred Mantra expressing Tantric worship and symbol Shivling represents the Jewel (Male organ) in the Lotus (female organ). The symbolic lingam-yoni often took the form of an altar shaped like a penis in a vulva. And this symbol is worshiped all over India by Hindus.

Concentration on the Body

Tantrik generally see the body as a microcosm; thus in the Kaulajnana-nirnaya, for example, the practitioner meditates on the head as the moon, the heart as the sun and the genitals as fire. Many groups hold that the body contains a series of energy centers (chakra - "wheel"), which may be associated with elements, planets or occult powers (siddhi). The phenomenon of Kundalini , a flow of energy through the chakras, is controversial; most writers see it as essential to Tantra, while others regard it as unimportant or as an abreaction. As it is, kundalini is nothing but the flow of the central sushumna nadi, a spiritual current, that, when moving, opens chakras, and is fundamental to the siddhi concept that forms a part of all Tantra, including Hatha yoga.

Sexual intercourse is not at all a part of all Tantric practice, but it is the definitive feature of left-hand Tantra. All Tantra states that there were certain groups of personalities who were not fit for certain practices. Tantra was personality specific and insisted that those with pashu-bhava (animal disposition), which are people of dishonest, promiscuous, greedy or violent natures who ate meat and indulged in intoxication, would only incur bad Karma by following Tantric paths without the aid of a Guru who could instruct them on the correct path.

There are three types of Tantric Sex: White, Gray, and Black. White Tantra never ejaculates nor reaches orgasm in order to awaken consciousness. Gray Tantra elongates the sexual act, and sometimes concludes with orgasm/ejaculation, but without any longing towards awakening consciousness. Black Tantra always concludes with orgasm/ejaculation in order to awaken consciousness. It is said that White Tantra awakens consciousness to the absence of desire, while Black Tantra awakens consciousness into desire. In Buddhist Tantra, actual ejaculation is very much a taboo, as the main goal of the sexual practice is to use the sexual energy towards achieving full enlightenment, rather than ordinary pleasure.

Sexual intercourse, preferably with a low-caste partner, was one method by which traditional left-hand practice forced practitioners to confront their conditioned responses. Others include the eating of meat (particularly beef and pork) and drinking of alcohol. Fear has also been used as a method to break down conditioning; rites would often take place in a cremation ground amidst decomposing corpses. This, of course, also falls under the prerequisite of the practitioner's nature, in such cases demanding a vir- (heroic) or even devya- (godlike) -bhava (disposition of purity, self-control, suppression of pride, respect to parents and Guru and often celibacy).

Obsession for the Female Form

For the tantrics, the object of devotion is not the male God, but his wife. They fanatically admire the woman form in all her aspects. The cruder the better. Their frenzy goes to the extent of abasing themselves before motherhood, the apotheosis of womanhood. The tantric devotee yearns for mother to take him on her lap. He craves for the security and warmth of her breasts.