om swastik belpatra

That teacher or professor who was so boring that the students lost their interest in her subject, can always be remembered for their lack of Inner glow.  So those people always seems to be loosing their interest in the life as well as the other people who come in contact with them also avoid them.

You know, the psychic attraction in some people make them awesome.

If you want to:

 a) Attract masses towards you
 b) Reside into the hearts of people
 c) Improve your first impression
 d) Make a dent in the universe
 e) Enchant everyone

Use the Indian Hypnotism  Tantra  Sadhanas  used by  Lord Krishna to get the psychic hypnotism and yogic energy. Recitation of Mantra releases the right energies in the Cosmos which enhance the hypnotic powers of the Reciter and increase her Hypno abilities .

This particular prayog is suggested in ancient scriptures by our Sages for mass hypnotism.  Politicians and high officials need to meet a lot of people daily.  A simple ritual done by them of this tantric  prayog will help them to attract and impress everyone whomsoever comes in their contact. This can be  proved to be  a boon in the carrier of sales person, teacher, doctors, Lawyers, contractors, public speakers.

Here's what this process can do for you:
  1. 1) Draws people to you.
  2. 2) Enhances romance.
  3. 3) Turnaround a seemingly hopeless relationship.
  4. 4) Turns a stone hearted into a soft, loving heart.
  5. 5) Thousand folds to the love, trust and care you deserve.
  6. 6) Helps in emotional arousal.
  7. 7) Youthfulness.
  8. 8) feel confident
  9. 9) Make a good first impression
  10. 10) constructive communication styles
What you will Get?
  1. 1) PranPratistha and Energisation of the Talisman ( Yantra)and Rosary (Mala)
  2. 2) Helping Diksha for +ve result
  3. 3) Taantrik Procedure
    4) Result oriented (100%)
  4. 5) Feedback and Private Consultation (yes)
  5. 6) And the Procedure
What you need to send?
  1. 1) Details
  2. 2) Name
  3. 3) Name of Father or Mother
  4. 4) Photograph (Optional)
  5. 5) Address of the Recipient for Receiving the Articles
  6. 6) Email us or SMS us After payment transfer.
What will you need to do after getting the items:
  1. Specific Mantra should be recited daily (108 x 10) times while staying at home or hermitage.
Articles Delivery