om swastik belpatra

Introduction of Yantra: The Square (Bhupura)

Between the simple geometrical elemets that compose Yantras there is also the sqaure (Bhupur). The square is usually the exterior limit of the Yantra and symbolically, it represents the element earth (Prithvi Tayyva).

Every Yantra starts from the center, often marked by a central dot (Bindu) and ends with the outer square. This represents the sense of universal evolution starting from "ether" and ending with "earth".

Even though most of the times Yantras are composed of these simple geometrical shapes, sometimes we encounter other elements such as arrow points, tridents, swords, spikes included in the design of a Yantra with the purpose of representing vectors and directions of action for the Yantrik energies.

The whole Yantra is usally enclosed in a Bhupura. These enclosing walls are fenced by the guardians of the directions and the intermediate directions (Dikpalas).