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Bindu in Yantra: The Dot (BINDU)

binduThe dot (Bindu) signifies the focalized energy and yantra's intense concentration. It can be evnisaged as a kind of energy deposit which can in turn radiate energy under other forms. The dot is usually surrounded by different surfaces, either a triangle, a hexagon, a circle etc. These forms depend on the characteristic of the deity or aspect represented by the YANTRA. In the tantric iconography, the dot is named as Bindu; in Tantra Bindu is symbolically represents the deity, or sometimes Shiva and Shakti, the source of the whole creation or the diety whose Yantra it is. The triangle normally represents the three gunas, the three bindus.

While meditating on Yantra or doing Sadhna, the sadhak concentrates on the Bindu

. The aspects and types of Concentration(Dhayana) depends on the guidance of the Guru.