om swastik belpatra

Padma Kamal in Yantra: The Lotus (PADMA Kamal)

The lotus symbol (or its petals) is both a symbol of purity and variety, every lotus petal representing a distinct aspect. The lotus in a YANTRA represents freedom from multiple interference with the exterior (purity) and expresses the absolute force of the Supreme Self. Triangles and Circles are often surrounded by enclosing circles and a group or groups of petals, in which are the attendants of the Devis or Devas.

A YANTRA is a very complex spiritual instrument in the taantrik practice (Sadhna). It can calm and focus the activities of the mind, and by its positive energy it has a benefic impact on the health and psychic well being of a person.

A Yantra awakened by mental concentration and meditation of a GURU will the process of Resonance appear and the benefic universal energies will manifest themselves in the practitioner's body, mind and soul.