om swastik belpatra


Transcendental Meditation, known simply as 'TM', uses simple two syllable Mantras as a meditative focus. TM was founded by Mahesh Yogi.

According to TM, the practice can result in a number of material benefits such as relaxation, reduced stress, better health; but it can also benefit the world by reducing violence and generally improve quality of life. While the founder was a well versed Hindu, the TM tries to separate itself from that tradition these days.

Mantra practice has also been taken up by various New Age groups, although this is typically out of context, and from the point of view of a Hindu or Buddhist practitioner, lacks depth.

The mere repetition of syllables can have a calming effect on the mind, but the traditionalist would argue that Mantra can be an effective way of changing the level of ones consciousness when approached in traditional way.