om swastik belpatra

In Tantra, there are ten categories of actions (Karmas) that a Mantra can accomplish ,Last four categories gnerally omitted hence the first six are known as shatkarma.

These ten categories cover all aspects of human desires, good and bad and include all the ways that Mantra can be used. The intensions of the Mantra worshipper or "Mantra Shadak" are his or her responsibility. One must thus be clear about why one picks up this tool of Mantra meditation. Good or bad Karmas are categorized according to the effect they create inside and outside the individual, who should be prepared to acknowledge responsibility for the same.

1. SHANTI KARAN or Santi (Peaceful) Karma: These Mantras deal with the cure of diseases and warding off the malefic influence of planets.Mantras that free one from disease, psychological problems, fears, illusions and worldly and environmental troubles; and Mantra done without any desire for reward, power or attachment.

2. Stambhan Karma: Mantras used to stop the movement of any living thing or inanimate object in nature. These Mantras deal with all the persons etc., as detailed above in para 2 to stop them doing mischief, or acting against you.

3. VASHI KARAN: Through these Mantras, you can put under your control any woman, man, officer, minister, devta, soul, animal etc. and can fulfill your wishes. Vashikaran Karma: Mantras used to enslave somebody. The one on whom the Mantra is used, loses his own discrimination and will power and become like a puppet. Vashikaran means controlling the consciousness of the one on whom the Mantra is used. (Vash = control, karan = doing.)

4. VIDESHAN: These Mantras are used for creating differences between two or many individuals.
idweshan Karma: Mantras used to create opposition between two individuals. This kind of Mantra creates anger, hatred, jealousy and aggression in both individuals towards each other. With others, their behavior remain as usual; it only changes with the one whom the user of the Mantra chooses and the result is animosity.

5. UCHCHATTAN: These Mantras deal with distraction of the mind of the enemy or opponents and other persons so that they may remain away from their country, birth place, residence, home, work and family members. It is also used when the sadhaka requires a person to remain at war with others. Mantras used to disturb the mental equilibrium of any living being. Such a Mantra increase doubt, uncertainty, fear and delusion in the person on whom the same is directed.

6. MARAN: These are death inflicting Mantras through which you can kill anybody at any distance without disclosing your identity. These Mantras are available in Puranas, Hindu scripts, Mohammedan and Buddhist cults. Other religious persons may follow their corresponding words, which are equally applicable and can be recited.  Mantras used to kill somebody. This kind of use of Mantra brings instantaneous death without any physical ailment of disorder.

7. Mohan Karma: Mantra used to attract a man, woman or animal. Mesmerism and hypnotism come under this category. Also known as SAMMOHAN.

8.  Akarshan Karma: Mantras used to attract somebody who is living at a distant place.

9. Jrambhan Karma: Mantras used to change behavior patterns so that the one on whom the Mantra is used starts acting the way the one using the Mantra.

10. Pushti Karma: Mantra used to increase one's own or another's wealth, name, fame, goodwill, social status, power etc. Also known as Paustik.