om swastik belpatra

Ajapa Jaap means continuous repetition of Mantra, is the spiritual condition of a person when the repetition of Guru Mantra goes on an auto pilot mode in your mind and in your heart.

It means that rememberance(Simran) becomes a round the clock thing inside you, recitation doesn't stop at any moment, it carries on and such a condition comes with the Guru's blessing (Gurukirpa) and after a lot of meditation or can also be attained with the blessings of a ascended master (Puran Braham Gyani). The experiences of bliss follow a path something like this:

1. Jaap (repetition) with Tounge.

2. Jaap with the breathing .

3. Mantra into your mind and in your thinking

4. The next stage is when Simran goes into heart, this is where the real meditation starts.

5. The next stage is when Simran travels to the naval, when Nabhi Kamal(lotus)blossoms.

6. The next Stage is when recitation goes into Kundlini (Mooladhaar Chakkar)

7. The next stage is when Simran travels through the spine to the brain, and back to heart where it completes the cycle. This is what the real Mala (rosary) of meditation is. When this happens then the third eye (Gyan Naitter and Dassam Duaar, the10th Gate) opens and you form a permanent connection with Braham (Akal Purakh), you start to receive divine knowledge ( "Braham Gyan"). Enjoyment (Anand) in Smadhi and Sun Smadhi is beyond description. That is why the enlightened souls go into very deep meditation some time for days together. You experience a lot of things during your Smadhi, see a lot of things, meet a lot of Saints, Gurus, see Param Jyot, conversation with the Sants and Akal Purakh, it is beyond description what happens and through what you go when you go into deep meditation. This is the stage when all the doors (Bajjar Kapaat) are opened and there is a continuous flow of Nector(Amrit), body is always full of Amrit.

8. The Simran in Smadhi and Sun Smadhi continues until NIRGUN AND SARGUN becomes one, at this point Simran goes into rom-rom – every bit of your body does Naam Simran, your Suksham Dehi becomes as pure as gold, your entire body is filled with Naam Amrit all the time. You become Braham Leen, and reach Atal Awastha. These stages are beyond description. Sat Chit Anand Ghar Hamare ( Gurmukh Rom Rom Har Dhyae ) Nirgun Sargun Nirankaar Sun Smadhi Aap, Apan Kia Nanka Apan Hi Fir Jaap and so on. One lives in Pu ran Parkash all the time and listens to Ilahi Kirtan(heavenly Kirtan/singing)– Anhad Naad Dhunis (heavenly music) all the time. It is just incredible experience. This is when one becomes Sat Ram Dass and is directed by the Almighty to serve humanity in h umbleness. And this is what we all wish to achieve being fortunate enough to move on the Bhagti Marg (spiritual path).

If you do Jaap with tongue your tongue will become pious, by doing jaap in along breathing - breathing your breathing will become pious (pavitter).